NongShim Onion Rings 1.76oz, 농심 양파링 50g

1.8 oz
SKU: 51179496

NongShim Onion Flavored Ring 50g


NONGSHIM Onion Rings

Are made from onions and flour. After the onions and paste are dried, they are then fried and formed into fun ringed-shapes.

A symbol of love and friendship, ONION RINGS use healthy onion and has a fun ring shape. With fiber added to the healthy onion, the snack is popular among young women and is continuously being loved as representative snack in Korea. 

ONION RINGS contains 24% of onion per bag and provides the savory flavor of onion. ONION RINGS contains healthy onion and fiber and the ring type snack harmonizes onion, potato and bacon. The clean onion flavor and plain potato flavor is a great combo!