Barocook Dried Dolsan Leaf Mustard for Bibimbap 0.46oz, 바로쿡 돌산갓 비빔밥 13g

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Barocook Dried Dolsan Gat for Bibimbap 0.46oz


BAROCOOK from Korea

| Dried Vegetables Mix

Dolsan Gat | Leaf Mustard

13g | 1~2 servings



  • Yomena Aster (쑥부쟁이) 40%
  • Radish (무) 24%
  • Carrot (당근) 20%
  • Mushroom (버섯) 16%


How to Cook

  1. Wash the contents 2 to 3 times lightly.
  2. Put the vegetables on top of the rice and cook the rice.
  3. Season it according to your preference and enjoy it.