Veggie garden Rice Cake Soup 5.41oz, 베지가든 떡국 153.5g

5.4 oz

Veggie garden Rice Cake Soup 5.41oz


TAEKYUNG Veggi garden

| Rice Cake Soup

Veggi garden 


Plant-based | No Meat

Delicious Vegan

The Best Quality | HACCP

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For health and sustainable food, Veggie garden strictly studies vegetable ingredients and makes your consumption worthwhile.




veggie garden rice cake soup

Beef Flavor Soup with Slice of Rice Cake  

It's a chewy and savory Vegan RICE CAKE SOUP made of beef bone.

Anyone from children to adults can enjoy it simply and deliciously with a microwave.



Rice cake, complex seasoning, shiitake mushroom seasoning, black pepper powder, laver flake, etc.