Damtuh Walnut Almond Adlay Tea 115 Ct, 담터 호두 아몬드 율무차 18g x 115

73.0 oz
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Damtuh Walnut Almond Adlay Tea 115 Ct


DAMTUH | Grain Powder

Walnut Almond Adlay Tea



Korean Walnut Almond Adlay (Job's Tear) Powder

Crunchy nut tea for the whole family

Meal Replacement shake




CONVENIENT POWDERED TEA: Just add hot/cool water or milk

GREAT for MEAL REPLACEMENT OR BREAKFAST: Easy and convenient for breakfast or as a snack

INGREDIENTS: made from finely selected walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts ground and mixed with toasted adlay

HEALTHY: Full of protein from nuts, this tea is a natural diuretic containing fat-dissolving properties that help with weight management

Good Source of Proteins from Nuts