Shinsundowon Ssanghwa Tea 20 Ct, 신선도원 쌍화차 15g x 20

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Shinsundowon Ssanghwa Tea 0.53oz x 20



- 300g | 15g x 20, Individual packaging

- Korea Traditional Tea

 ShinsundowonSsanghwa Tea

Ssanghwa-cha (쌍화차; 雙和茶) or Ssanghwa-tang (쌍화탕; 雙和湯) is a traditional Korean tea with deep brown color and a slightly bitter taste. Along with sipjeondaebotang, it is one of the most popular types of medical tea in Korea.

It is made by boiling down a number of medical herbs such as dried roots of white woodland peony, steamed and dried roots of rehmannia, dried roots of Mongolian milkvetch, dried roots of Korean angelica, dried roots of lovage , Chinese cinnamon barks, and Chinese liquorice. However, many people today buy the tea pre-made.