Haneulchung Sweet Rice Drink 1.8L, 하늘청 식혜1.8L

63.5 oz

Haneulchung Sweet Rice Drink 1.8L



| Sweet Rice Drink

A traditional dessert beverage made by fermenting rice in malt. Always served cold, it also is called dansul or gamju.



Regional variations

 There are several regional variations of sikhye. These include Andong sikhye and yeonyeop sikhye or yeonyeopju, a variety of sikhye made in Gangwon province. Andong sikhye differs in that it includes radishes, carrots, and powdered red pepper. Also, it is fermented for several days as opposed to being boiled.[2] The crunchy texture of the radish is kept despite the longer fermentation process; a soft texture would indicate an inferior product. Whereas the sweet canned or restaurant sikhye is enjoyed as a dessert beverage, Andong sikhye is appreciated as a digestive aid, containing lactobacillus.


Sikhye is also referred to by the names dansul (단술) and gamju (감주; 甘酒). Both of these names mean "sweet wine." However, they are also used to refer to a different, slightly alcoholic rice drink called gamju.

Hobak-sikhye (pumpkin sikhye) is a water-boiled broth with pumpkin, steamed rice, and malt. It is fermented for several days at a proper temperature. Some sugar is added to taste sweet.

Andong sikhye
It is original sikhye in Andong, South Korea. It is a little bit different from other Sikhyes. This Sikhye's color is light red with red pepper added.

Yeonyeop-sikhye is made by wrapping the hot glutinous rice, sake, and honey in a lotus leaf. Before drinking, put up a few pieces of pine nuts.