Shinsundowon Corn Tea 1.1lb, 신선도원 알곡 옥수수차 500g

17.6 oz

Shinsundowon Corn Tea 17.63oz



Corn Tea



 Oksusu-cha or corn tea is a Korean tea made from corn. While oksusu-suyeom-cha (옥수수수염차) or corn silk tea refers to the tea made from corn silk, oksusu-cha can be made from corn kernels, corn silk, or a combination of both. The caffeine-free infusion is a popular hot drink in winter. Along with bori-cha (barley tea), oksusu-cha is one of the free grain teas served in many restaurants in place of water.

In Gangwon Province, the tea is called gangnaengi-cha (강냉이차)—gangnaengi is a Gangwon dialect for "corn"—and is consumed throughout late autumn and winter in most households.[


How to drink

Traditionally, corn kernels are dried and roasted to prepare oksusu-cha. The roasted corn kernels are then boiled in water until the tea turns yellow. The tea is then strained and the boiled corn discarded. Although the drink is naturally sweet, sugar is sometimes added when a sweeter flavor is desired.