Chilkab Korean Rice Cake Sliced 28.22oz, 칠갑농산 우리쌀 떡국 떡 800g

28.2 oz

Chilkab Korean Rice Cake Sliced 28.22oz

 - Individual packaging | 5 servings (160g x 5)


CHILKAB Tteokguk Tteok

Korean Rice Cake Sliced


Tteok-guk, a soup with sliced rice cakes in a clear beef broth, is the traditional dish of Seolnal(Lunar New Year's Day). Korean people commonly use the expression 'I ate a bowl of Tteokguk' to mean he or she has grown one year older. This soup is cooked in a broth made by simmering beef brisket or bones.



Hoping for Great Fortune

The custom of eating white rice cakes on New Year's Day originated from the ancient practice of worshiping the sun. The white color of the rice symbolizes the bright first day of a year, while the round form of the rice cake represents the orb of the sun. The long shape of Garaetteok(cylindrical rice cake) also holds a special meaning: the long coils of the steamed tteok embodies the hope that one's wealth will grow in the same fashion, while the round profile of the sliced rice cakes symbolizes a round coin.

In the Gaeseong area, a northern region of Korea, there is a custom of eating Joraengi-tteokguk. Joraengi-tteok is a three-centimeter-long white rice cake. With its pinched middle it looks like a gourd, but it is said that its shape was inspired by a silkworm. Since silkworms traditionally symbolized good luck, it appears to reflect the wish for good luck all year round.