[Local Only] Pulmuone Rice with Korean Thistle 14.7oz, 풀무원 곤드레 나물밥 2인분 418g

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Pulmuone Rice with Korean Thistle 14.7oz


PULMUONE | Fried Rice

Rice with Korean Thistle 

Only 3-4 min to cook

Keep Frozen



Rice with Korean Thistle

A vivid taste of nature "Thistle Nutrition Pot Rice" 

Thistle Vegetable Pot Rice
This is Thistle Namul Pot bap, where you can feel the deep taste of vegetables. It was built in a cauldron manner with fresh rice and nutritious barley. In addition, it contains the taste and aroma of fresh vegetables by adding the nutritious Gangwon-do raw Thistle, not dried Thistle.

We will add savory sesame oil and strong soybean paste seasoning together, so you can adjust the sauce to your taste. Heat the vegetable rice, which is cumbersome to cook at home, in a microwave for 4 minutes.

Product Feature:
Domestic safe raw material one meal for me. It cannot be made from any material.
Using raw gondree grown with care in Gangwon-do, the flavor and freshness of the herbs are preserved compared to dried gondree.
The bouncy rice is fresh by milling Boram Chanmi grown in the Gimje Plain within 7 days, and using 8.94% of domestic barley, it has an attractive texture.

Individual packaging for 1 serving, seasoning sauce attached
They are individually wrapped for easy eating.
By combining fragrant sesame oil and strong soybean paste with a deep, savory taste, you can easily make a nutritious meal with a local feel. You can feel the deep savory taste of your hometown by adding seasoning to your taste and rubbing it with gondre barley rice.

Microwave ready in 4 minutes
Just take it out of the freezer and cook it in the microwave for 4 minutes to make delicious and healthy Gondrenamul Rice.
When you miss warm rice, make a nutritious meal without worrying about the menu.

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