Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce Extremely Spicy 7.05oz, 삼양 핵불닭소스 200g

7.1 oz

Samyang Buldak Hot Sauce Extremely Spicy 7.05oz


SAMYANG | Buldak Sauce

Extremely Spicy | 핵 불닭 소스

Extremely Hot Chicken Flavored Sauce

 Samyang 2XBuldak Korean Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Sauc

Buldak Hot Chicken Flavor Sauce 2X

Magical K-Spicy Table Sauce

  • FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE - All over the world are taking part in the 'Fire Noodle Challenge'. More than a million videos on YouTube of people trying the challenge. If you are a passionate person, don't hesitate to participate in and find yourself enjoying it.
  • EXTREMELY HOT BULDAK SAUCE - The spicy taste of addictive 2X Buldak has been reborn as a table sauce. It's more intense and dizzyingly spicy. But you know, more spicy, more addicted. If you want to feel Korean extremely spicy taste, this sauce goes well with any food. From now on, enjoy the delicious taste of 2X Buldak in all dishes.
  • MAGICAL K-HOT SAUCE - When eating pizza, dumplings, etc., you can use it as a dipping sauce or sprinkle it directly on food. Put this in a simple side dish and stir-fry to add umami. It can also be added when boiling spicy soup. It can be used in various ways.
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE - It is made in a small and light container and is easy to store, so you can simply carry it and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. When you go camping or traveling, just pour this sauce over or dip it, then all your food will be even higher.