Samyang Buldak Ramen Original 4.94oz x 5, 삼양 불닭볶음면 140g x 5

24.7 oz

Samyang Buldak Ramen Original 4.94oz x 5


SAMYANG | Buldak Stir-Fried Ramen

Spicy (Original) | 불닭 볶음면

Artificial Spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen

samyang buldak

Buldak Hot Spicy Chicken Ramyun

Deliciously spicy noodle with sesame seeds and grilled seaweed flakes

  • FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE – All over the world are taking part in the 'fire noodle challenge‘. More than a million videos on YouTube of people trying the challenge. If you are a passionate person, don’t hesitate to participate in and find yourself enjoying it.
  • ADDICTIVE SPICY CHICKEN FLAVOR RAMYUN - The most representative hot spicy stir-fried ramyun, loved by the whole world. It is the best-selling product to enthusiasts who love spicy taste. Spicy but delicious, be ready to be addicted.
  • CHEWY NOODLES, FLAVORFUL FLAKES – Noodles have a good texture, pleasantly chewy and firm. It has lots of flavor by a perfect spicy sauce mix and trademark seaweed and sesame flakes.
  • COOKS EASY & CONVENIENTLY : Cooking Directions : 1) Put Noodles into the boiling water (600ml) and simmer for 5 minutes. 2) Throw away the water and reamin 8 spoons of water. Put liquid sauce and stir-fry 30 seconds more. 3) Add flakes and stir well and serve.