Sempio Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce 701 57.48oz, 샘표 양조간장 701 1.7L

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Sempio Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce 701 57.48oz


SEMPIO Ganjang 

| Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce 701

This first-class soy sauce pairs particularly well with cold foods, such as raw fish, sushi, and salads.


Product Features

  1. The highest level of naturally brewed premium soy sauce in Korea with a fermentation index (T.N.) of 1.7 or higher. The fermentation index (T.N.) is an abbreviation for “Total Nitrogen” and refers to the total nitrogen content in the soy sauce. The higher the nitrogen content, the richer the taste and aroma, as there are more natural taste components.
  2. A naturally brewed soy sauce that has been slowly and properly fermented for 6 months through a fermentation process involving 5 steps with healthy yeast and lactic acid bacteria giving it a deep soy flavor and clean and unaltered flavor profile.
  3. The natural umami-rich flavor of this soy sauce brings out and enhances the flavor of whatever ingredients it’s with.
  4. Ideal for a variety of dishes such as raw foods (sashimi, raw vegetables, etc.), stews, and stir-fried dishes.


water, defatted soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol, oligosaccharide, licorice extract, yeast extract



wheat, soybeans




Soy Sauce

The heart of Korean cuisine.
Made from fermented beans, Sempio Soy Sauce adds a rich and savory flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Use it to spice up your stew, marinate meat, or make a flavorful salad dressing.


Korea’s No. 1 soy sauce for over 70 years

Sempio has a market share of over 61% in the Korean soy sauce industry, making it the standard soy sauce brand for Korean cuisine. For strict quality management, we invest around 5% of our annual sales in R&D with 20% of our employees working as researchers.
Only carefully selected non-GMO ingredients are used, and each manufacturing process goes through over 110 types of quality tests.
Sempio soy sauce is a world-class quality product, in compliance with various international standards including HACCP, KOSHER, SQF, and ISO.


A healthy and tasty meal with less sodium

Korean soy sauce has a naturally rich fragrance. With over 300 different fragrant elements generated in the fermentation process, and all of the 5 tastes produced, our soy sauce is sure to add aroma and flavor to any dish it’s added to.
By using soy sauce instead of ordinary salt, you can obtain the same flavor intensity with much less sodium making your dish a lot healthier and tastier.