Ottogi 3Min. Curry Sauce MILD 6.7oz, 오뚜기 3분 카레 순한맛 190g

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Ottogi 3Min. Curry Sauce MILD 6.7oz


OTTOGI | Ready in 3 minutes

Curry Sauce - MILD 

3 Min Curry is made of Ottogi’s original curry powder and features the rich aroma of tropical spices, Korean fruits, and tropical fruit puree providing a great combination of rich and soft taste.

This is a ready-made curry sauce with vegetables in a retort pouch.

Contains vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, you can simply enjoy with heating it up and serving over rice or noodles, or as dipping sauce!

Convenient to carry and good for outdoor activities.

3 Min Curry Sauce with Vegetable retort contains no meat or meat derived ingredients.