Cochef Food Honey With Blueberry 0.35oz x 30, 코쉐프 블루베리 허니 10g x 30

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Cochef Food Honey With Blueberry 0.35oz x 30


COCHEF FOOD | BeeFamily Honey Stick 

Honey With Blueberry 

  • PREMIUM RAW HONEY – Canadian No. 1 honey

  • BLUEBERRY – A good source of antioxidants

  • ON THE GO – A convenient lightweight snack for use anytime, anywhere

  • SWEET TREAT – Both sweet and healthy to satisfy those cravings



Fresh Blueberry

Raw Honey


Fresh Blueberry is mostly effective for anti-aging, eyes, skin care and vascular health. Helps improve brain function and maintain a healthy body. 


Natural honey is a nutritious food that eliminates toxins in the body, relieves cold, improves immunity, controls cholesterol levels, prevents heart disease, and fights fatigue.



Beefamily honey stick is a healthy treat containing premium Canadian products in every product. Beefamily honey stick is the perfect answer for when you need a boost of energy anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re travelling, studying, or just craving a sweet snack, the Beefamily honey stick is easy to grab-and go and the perfect size for your bag or pocket.

Beefamily honey stick can be enjoyed straight from the sachet, mixed into hot or cold drinks, on bread, or on a