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Megamart KKagdugi 32oz


| Diced Radish Kimchi



Kkakdugi (깍두기) or diced radish kimchi is a variety of kimchi in Korean cuisine. Usually, Korean radish (called mu, 무 in Korean) is used, but other vegetables or fruits can also be used. Kkakduk-kkakduk is an ideophone related to dicing/cubing. Kimchi made with radish that aren't diced into cubes are not called kkakdugi. Kkakdugi is a popular banchan (side dish) enjoyed by Koreans and others.

Kkakdugi is served cold and is usually consumed when the radish is crisp. This is before the radish becomes soft. Kkakdugi, along with other types of kimchi, is a popular dish in Korea and is believed to share many of the health benefits of kimchi, due to the fermentation process.

Korean soups such as Seolleongtang (beef soup), Galbitang (galbi, or beef rib soup), are considered "good friends" for Kkakdugi. The taste of the Kkakdugi overpowers the taste of stew itself and gets rid of the distinctive smell of the stew. Additionally, radish is very good for digestion. When eating meat in stew, Kkakdugi is believed to aid in digestion.