Ahmad Tea Black Tea Darjeeling Teabags 20 Ct

1.4 oz

Ahmad Tea Black Tea Darjeeling Teabags 20 Ct



BLACK TEAS Collection  

Black teas make the perfect cup of tea. We offer a range of classic blends in teabags and loose leaf to help get you through the day.

Kickstart the morning with an energising English Breakfast and then wind down in the evening with a calming caffeine-free blend.

There’s a black tea for any occasion – from afternoon tea to a comforting everyday brew. Simply add milk or lemon and enjoy your classic cuppa.




Darjeeling Tea 

Darjeeling takes your taste buds on a journey of discovery. Delicate yet complex, floral yet fruity, this is a distinguished brew for discerning tea lovers everywhere.

Nestled in India’s Mahabharata Mountain Range (aka the ‘lesser Himalayas’), Darjeeling is a very special tea region. At around 2,000 metres (m) altitude, Darjeeling’s hilly tea gardens only produce tea in specific seasons, each with their own character.

Our Tea Masters blend Darjeeling teas from different seasons. The first flush (harvest) is picked in the springtime, when the young leaves have a fresh, floral character. This is then balanced with teas from the second flush, picked in early summer. By now the leaves are more mature, giving the brew its richer notes, often said to resemble Muscat grapes.

Bright and golden in the cup, our Darjeeling has a refreshingly brisk taste with a fine balance of flavours. While the tea is lovely at any time of the day, we love it in the afternoons, served without milk. Try brewing it medium-strong to release all the tea’s fragrances and crisp finish.

We’re honoured that our Darjeeling tea picked up a Great Taste Award in 2018. The world’s most coveted food and drink award, Great Taste judges praised our Darjeeling for its "bright and distinct flavours" and a "long-lasting Darjeeling character". The box shows William Marlow’s 1788 painting "Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral" (not the 50 Round Teabags box). This illustrates Central London and the Thames - the river that connected Britain to the rest of the world – and as such, we think it sums up our Darjeeling nicely.