Ahmad Tea Black Tea Earl Grey Teabags 20 Ct

1.4 oz

Ahmad Tea Black Tea Earl Grey Teabags 20 Ct



BLACK TEAS Collection 



Black teas make the perfect cup of tea. We offer a range of classic blends in teabags and loose leaf to help get you through the day.

Kickstart the morning with an energising English Breakfast and then wind down in the evening with a calming caffeine-free blend.

There’s a black tea for any occasion – from afternoon tea to a comforting everyday brew. Simply add milk or lemon and enjoy your classic cuppa.


Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey Tea

Our Earl Grey is a sophisticated brew perfect for the discerning tea lover. Soothing yet uplifting, it is one of our customers' highest-rated teas.

For this blend, our Tea Masters balance teas from East Africa and India. They use a high proportion of quality Kenyan leaves to give the brew its lively, brisk flavour. Our exclusive bergamot flavouring is then added to enhance the tea with its exotic citrus fragrance.

So whether you drink yours lightly brewed in the morning, with a slice of lemon after lunch, or strong and milky in the afternoon, you get a freshly aromatic infusion in every cup.

Earl Grey tea was named in honour of 19th Century British Prime Minister Charles Grey. We think our version makes a fine tribute, especially with Thomas Picken's "The New Houses of Parliament" painting on the box (not on the 50 Round Teabags box). Our Earl Grey is much-loved by our customers and has even won a Great Taste award. The judges praised the tea for its balance and singled it out as ‘a sound example of a strong Earl Grey.’