NongShim Banana Kick Snack Big Size 6.34oz, 농심 바나나 킥 180g

6.3 oz

NongShim Banana Kick Snack Big Size 6.34oz


NONGSHIM | Banana Kick

Original banana flavor

Is a corn-based product, with the flavor and shape of the banana. Children are especially attracted to its crunchy sound and delicious taste.


In 1978, it was developed for anyone to enjoy the imported fruit, banana.

It was named as such as its shape resembles the movement pattern of a front ball kick of soccer, the nation's favorite sport.

- Tender and sweet banana flavor

- Brings the feature of sweet banana softly melting in the mouth.

Melts in the mouth and preserves the flavor of banana. 

The main ingredient of the corn snack Banana Kick is corn it has a sweet taste and scent of banana. With a sweet and tender texture, it melts in the mouth.