NongShim Chapagetti 4.5oz x 16, 농심 짜파게티 127g x 16

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NongShim Chapagetti 4.5oz x 16


NONGSHIM | Chapagetti

Chajang Noodle 

Chapagetti is Nongshim’s version of the Chajangmyun Noodles, an immensly popular noodle dish in Korea. Nongshim spent years developing and tweaking the secret Chajang recipe until it tasted just like the common Chajangmyun shops found all over Korea. Making Chajangmyun is a very difficult process that few outside the business are able to do, but Nongshim Chapagetti makes it easy for you to enjoy the taste of Chajangmyun in your own home!

Chapagetti is the fusion of Spaghetti and
a Chinese black soybean paste known as “Chajang”.

What in the World is Chajang?

Chajang is a Chinese black bean sauce that first started appearing in Korea’s port city of Incheon in the 19th century as the city’s Chinese immigrant population grew. The immigrants, mostly from China’s Shandong Province, brought along their traditional cuisine, and among these Chajangmyun seems to have been the most popular. Over the next 100+ years, the dish has steadily evolved to match the taste of Koreans, to the point that though today’s dish is still referred to as Chinese food in Korea, it is considered to be Korean food in China. Today it is one of the most commonly enjoyed foods in Korea, available for delivery at virtually every city and town in South Korea.