NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup Savory Shrimp Box 3.03oz x 12, 농심 사발면 새우맛 86g x 12

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NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup Savory Shrimp 3.03oz x 12


NONGSHIM | Bowl Noodle Soup

NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup


Savory Shrimp Bowl

The savory shrimp bowl noodle soup emphasizes the shrimp flavor in a mild broth. Perfect for shrimp lovers and children for a snack or for a small meal.


Simply.. Microwaveable!

Our Bowl Noodle line is better than ever! We at Nongshim know that the secret to better-tasting noodles is to cook in high heat. This is why our new recyclable bowls are so amazing! They allow you to use the hot temperatures of the microwave to cook better noodles, unlike our old polystyrene foam bowls. And because our new formula is made with less sodium and without any BPA added, our new generation of bowl noodles is sure to please everyone!

Not spicy at all – Savory Shrimp

The Savory line that Nongshim provides is the bowl noodle soup without the spiciness. If spicy foods are something you do not enjoy, then our savory flavors are for you! With its fresh and tasty shrimp ingredient, it will give you different flavor and taste from other seafood products.