Megamart Seasoned Salted Oyster, 메가마트 어리굴젓

1.8 oz

Megamart Seasoned Salted Oyster


Eoriguljeot | Spicy Salted Oysters



Jeotgal (젓갈) or jeot (젓), translated as salted seafood, is a category of salted preserved dishes made with seafood such as shrimps, oysters, clams, fish, and roe. Depending on the ingredients, jeotgal can range from flabby, solid pieces to clear, broth-like liquid.


Solid jeotgal are usually eaten as banchan (side dishes). Liquid jeotgal, called aekjeot (액젓) or fish sauce, is popularly used in kimchi seasoning, as well as in various soups and stews (guk, jijimi, jjigae). As a condiment, jeotgal with smaller bits of solid ingredients such as saeu-jeot (shrimp jeotgal) is commonly served as a dipping sauce with pork dishes (bossam, jokbal, samgyeopsal), sundae (Korean sausage), hoe (raw fish), and a number of soups and stews.


Salted Oysters


Fresh oysters cured in salt and red chili pepper. Spicy salted oysters are a perfect match for rice. Oysters are salted with or without red chili powder, and non-spicy salted oyster is called “gulgeot.”