Megamart Seasoned Codonopsis, 메가마트 더덕 무침

1.8 oz

Megamart Seasoned Codonopsis


Deodeok muchim | Seasoned Codonopsis

 deodeok muchim

Codonopsis lanceolata, also called deodeok or lance asiabell, is a flowering plant native to East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East). It is a variety of bonnet bellflower.

The roots of deodeok (더덕), are used in Korean cuisine. They are eaten both fresh and cooked. Grilled marinated deodeok, called deodeok-gui, is often served as a vegetarian main dish. Deodeok can be pan-fried as jeon, pickled as kimchi, or used in fusion dishes such as salads.