NongShim Chapaguri Big Bowl 4.02oz x 6, 농심 짜파구리 컵 114g x 6

24.1 oz

NongShim Chapaguri Big Bowl 4.02oz x 6


NONGSHIM | Chapaguri Big bowl

Jjajang Noodlles with Spicy Seafood Flavor

 An exquisite combination of Chapagetti’s delicate jjajang taste & Neoguri’s spicy seafood flavor.

Chapaguri is a combination of two different kinds of ramyun: ‘Chapaghetti’, which is representative Chajang ramyun with unique taste and ‘Neoguri’ which boasts chewy and elastic noodles.

In particular, ‘Korean Beef Sirloin Chapaguri’ introduced in 2019 film ‘Parasite’ by Director Bong Joon-ho is gaining popularity as a famous Korean food recipe all over the world. 

Enjoy Chapaguri Bowl, which is originated from modisumers, conveniently! Different taste with stronger spicy taste!! Chewier noodle by cooking it with microwave oven!! A deeper Chajang taste!!