Megamart White Kimchi, 메가마트 백김치

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Megamart White Kimchi (Napa Cabbage Kimchi)


Baek-kimchi | White Kimchi 

Baek-kimchi(백김치) or white kimchi is a variety of kimchi made without the chili pepper powder commonly used for fermenting kimchi in Korean cuisine. Baek kimchi has a mild and clean flavor, which appeals to children and the elderly, to whom the regular kimchi might be too spicy. Baek kimchi consists of salted napa cabbage, radish, minari, spring onions, Korean pear, chestnuts, jujube, ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, and a little bit of chili threads as garnish.

 white kimchi

Baek kimchi's mild flavor and crunchy texture makes it a good appetizer when people order main dishes based on beef such as galbi or bulgogi at Korean restaurants. It is also used as a wrap for baek kimchi bossam.